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Yebamot Perek 4 - 5

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Dear Friend,

We have recently signed up for The Mishnathon. On May 8, 2023 Lag Ba'omer eve we will join over 250 habrutot pairs and complete the entire Shas Mishnayot in 1 night under 1 roof.

The Mishnathon is to benefit Yeshivat Shaare Torah and by participating we have set a fundraising goal to help raise money for one of the hallmark Torah institutions of our community.

Please help us achieve our goal by sponsoring our learning. You can donate in honor, in memory, or as a zechut for loved ones or friends. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you & Tizke Lemitzvot!

P.S. For more information about Shaare Torah check out yeshivatshaaretorah.com

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